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Get to Know Steve Kent

Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized the art world during the Renaissance. In capturing an enigmatic smile in oils on an ordinary wooden canvas, the master went far beyond established standards and created a work so unique and puzzling that the Mona Lisa has perhaps become the most valuable work of art and most recognized face in the world. Leonardo’s contribution forever raised the bar and redefined the world’s concept of quality.

Meet Steve Kent Patron of the arts, and connoisseur of culture and fine living, he is considered by many of his friends and associates to be a modern renaissance man.

Lady on Sea Wall - Steve KentRenaissance Man But like any true renaissance man, Steve is very passionate about art and is committed to it’s perpetuation. As a collector, Steve is especially proud of a recent acquisition; a painting from Russian artist Yuri Gorbachev (nephew of Mikhail Gorbachev). Even more recently, Steve has taken up oil painting as a new challenge and spends several hours a week working on improving his skill.

Steve is also somewhat of a gourmet chef and enjoys preparing all sorts of dishes when friends come over. You’ll find him hard at work, slicing and dicing away in the kitchen while Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony plays in the background, as he meticulously prepares a new dish from his ever expanding repertoire. And when Steve isn’t busy with his epicurean fare, you’ll find him sitting in his favorite chair reading a book or writing a new chapter in his ongoing novel.

Having an engineering background Steve is also a wiz at anything mechanical and recently enjoyed restoring a 1980 Fiat Spider that he likes to take out for a spin in the local countryside.

Relentless Pursuit. While Steve is fond of golf, cooking and enjoying all the area has to offer, his true passion lies in helping people. For Steve, nothing is more important than being there and doing everything he can to deliver the quality service his clients have come to expect of him. “My clients are too important and there is too much at stake for me to give them anything less than my very best,” he says. Like Leonardo, Steve has raised the bar when it comes to his craft and is dedicated to achieving his clients’ goals. His relentless pursuit of excellence drives him to constantly redefine the meaning of quality.

Cutting Edge. As a leading real estate professional, Steve’s dedication to quality and his understanding of the local market make him the first choice for anyone thinking of buying or selling a home in the East Bay Area. Steve understands his clients’ unique real estate needs and has developed state-of-the-art tools like this intuitive Web site that allows prospective buyers to browse and preview properties before actually venturing out to see them, saving precious time. Sellers also rely on Steve’s expertise in preparing comprehensive marketing plans and giving homes maximum exposure. Combine all these benefits, and you soon see why people come to Steve for help with their real estate needs. He turns dreams into reality.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the area and especially if you are relocating, call Steve Kent. He is the real estate professional taking it to the next level, dedicated to getting the job done and Redefining the Standard of Excellence.

Steve Kent DRE#01298832

The Intero Real Estate Story

Intero Real Estate Services was started in 2002 and has become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in history. At Present, Intero is the Top selling real estate company in South Bay Area and Intero is currently expanding at rapid rate across the country and around the globe.The success of Intero hs been achieved by staying faithful to the guiding principles of trust, respect, integrity, innovation, ethics and hard work in good times and in bad. “Intero” is an Italian word meaning”whole or entire”. It conveys the Intero belief that a real estate company’s principles should extend beyond the money, needing to embrace the people it and community it serves.Intero was among the first companies to:

  1. Distribute listings to sites like Google Base, Yahoo!, Trulia and Zillow
  2. Pioneer environmentally friendly real estate practices through an aliance with EcoBroker International. Intero was awarded the EcoBroker Community Service Award in 2006.
  3. Be named one of the “Top Ten Real Estate Brokerage Websites in America” by 1000 Watt Consulting in Real Trends.
  4. Reinvent the real estate office with a new concept called Intero Andare; a small, technology rich and more eco-friendly space designed for today’s mobile REALTOR.
  5. Be aggressive in recognizing the increasingly global nature of real estate, launching Intero International in 2009 to extend the Intero brand in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Intero has succeeded by doing right by people. It’s a formula that is always works.

In 2013, Intero was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway the real estate arm of Warren Buffett’s companies though today it operates exactly the same with the same values it has always had.